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What we do

Marketing by Hand is a direct mail business consulting firm that can maximize your direct mail marketing effort by increasing the open rate* of material mailed.

Whether you want to:

  • Attract new clients through a powerful lead generating program, or 
  • Increase your existing book of business through up-selling or cross selling, we are here to help you succeed.

If you’ve experienced disappointing results with your previous direct mail attempts, we understand! Machine addressed marketing envelopes are seldom opened.  They simply cannot compete with the proven higher open rate of a personalized human hand addressed envelope. 

Handwriting an envelope is not rocket science, but it is time consuming. We will handwrite these on your behalf. Some of our clients take our services a step further and hire our team to create the handwritten content. The result is an effective, personalized and powerful marketing piece generating leads at the lowest cost per qualified lead in the direct mail industry. 

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*open rate − The percentage of received envelopes actually opened by recipient. Higher open rates mean a greater likelihood of message delivery.

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